zaterdag 23 januari 2010

Zwei: is this rock 'n roll?!

On day two we looked at the deer next to our hotel and visited Claus' studio. What a great recording space, and just beside the Haldern Pop festival site! We couldn't resist and climbed over the fences to walk around the fields where we've seen so many great bands play. To name a few: Fleet Foxes, Loney Dear, Editors, Kate Nash... I actually got my guitar out and played a song at the exact location of the Haldern Pop Main Stage. Just a few month early... You can watch it below. In the evening we played at the Blooming Bar in Göttingen. A nice and cosy place with the best owner ever. We had dinner in her husbands Greek restaurant and spent the night at her villa on the countryside. Take a look at some pictures from Haldern and last nights gig below, good huh? I'm enjoying this a lot, but I can't stop asking myself: is this rock 'n roll? Not quite, I guess. Or maybe just: not yet... Tonight: Hamburg!! Just off the Reeperbahn...

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