maandag 25 januari 2010

Vier: Ian and I

On day four, Sunday, we stayed in Hamburg for another day. Just to walk around and get an impression of the city. I saw a bit. It's a rough city, especially with the cold and so. I saw a pile of blankets lying on the pavement, it took me a short while to realise that there were about five people sleeping there. Minus ten it was.. In the afternoon we had beers with Paco, the guy who was living in the appartment we stayed in. After that we went out for some food. On our way back we passed a venue, Knust, with a big tourbus outside. The backstage door was open so we walked in to see who was playing. The concert had already finished, so we walked out again. Outside we saw that Ian Brown played there. Ian Brown! From the Stone Roses! I felt so bad we missed it.. We went back in to see if he was still there. Knocked on the tourbus, no answer. We walked back inside to find out he was still in the backstage room. We tried to bribe Ian Browns roadies to get inside. Didn't work. Finally he came out and we told him that we came all the way from Holland to see his show... He looked flattered... Little did he know ofcourse...

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