dinsdag 26 januari 2010


Yesterday we drove from Hamburg to Berlin. Went quick. Snow everywhere, looks pretty. We're staying at Get Up Get Down's place in Neukölln in Berlin. Here I recorded Tududuh 03 as well. Last night we had dinner at Andy's place and later on we had beers with About, Thomas Azier and soundengineer Allert Aalders. Allert just came back from a gig with T. Raumschmiere in India. Funny thing, at Andy's place was a huge painting of Johan Derksen, editor of Hollands biggest football magazine VI. Some Irish guy painted it from a picture, without knowing who Johan Derksen was. Strange... Today I'll be doing some writing, I'll go back up to Prenzlauer Berg where I lived in the summer and then get ready for the show tonight. The last one already...

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