maandag 11 januari 2010

New Year New Stuff

I'll write in English since Tududuh is going international this month. Next time it might be in Dutch again, we'll see. Anyhow, new stuff is going down! First rehearsals with a band. It looks promising, I hope to have a band in a month or two. I'll keep you on the hight as they say in proper English.

The German tour together with my good friend Solo is coming close. Next Thursday we'll be on our way. It's something I've been looking forward to for quite some time now. Can't wait to pack my guitar in the back of the car, close the door and drive out of the Amsterdamsestraatweg, where I live, to the German border. I'll be updating this blog as often as I can next week with pictures and pieces of pure poetry.. or just nonsense for that matter.. just keep coming back and see for yourself.

Here's the schedule:
21-01 Haldern Pop Bar, Haldern
22-01 Blooming Bar, Göttingen
23-01 Hasenschaukel, Hamburg
26-01 Intersoup, Berlin

And as some of you might know.. Haldern is just over the Dutch border.. hint hint..

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