zaterdag 7 augustus 2010

Day two

Alright! Day two. Friday. What happened? We all took a shower. That might not sound very interesting, but in this case it was. Our shower looks like a UFO. It's the most inventive construction I've ever seen in a bathroom. Besides this adventurous start of the day we played our electric set a few times. Since we've been rehearsing our acoustic set for our gig in Paradiso last week, we haven't played electric for a while. We made a few pictures of the site of the rehearsal studio. It's a deserted post office, pretty cool place! At night on our way to a party we walked into a bar, Frühperle, and arranged a gig there tonight. So Saturday 22:30, Tududuh live in Frühperle, Boddinstrasse 57a, Neukölln Berlin.

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