zondag 8 augustus 2010

Day three

Saturday was a busy day. Running from one side of the city to the other. First up was a meeting with Ramses, the director of the video, to go through the details again. Shooting on Monday. Then the neverending Tududuh-performance began. We started busking at the Beerfestival at Karl Marx-Allee. It is a bit sad to watch thousands of people drinking beer in the rain. We had some strong competition from this one-man metal band. Check the video below. Impressive! After that we had the biggest pizza in the world and went to our real gig. At a bar called Fr├╝hperle. It's a wonderful place. When we finished our show, around 01:00, we went on to the Friedrichshain district to do some busking again. Spectacular! The area houses the biggest concentration of drunk people I've seen in a long time. Around four we ended the night by playing in front of a pizza place. The owner has asked us to play there for some cash and food. Alright, why not. Altogether we played our set over ten times, made some new fans and, our main goal, we're getting better as a band. Fast.

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