maandag 22 februari 2010

News? Euhh.. Not really.

"They" say it's good to post new stuff on your weblog frequently. To keep you coming back. Well here you go. Have I got something in particular to tell you? Nope. Not really. I'm still in the process of forming a band. Things are looking good, but no bandpictures are made yet, if you know what I mean. Besides the band-forming, I'm writing quite a lot. Productivity is low, but I'm working on the songs in my head constantly. Even when I'm at work songs are floating through my mind. I've been writing with Michiel and will be writing with Marinus in the near future as well. On Thursday I'm off to the coast to write at a friends house for a day. I like the vibe that I'm in. Get stuff done! Can't wait for the band to be complete and get into the studio again. Patience.. patience.. Pff.. I don't have patience.. arghh.. Talk to you soon! Hopefully with a nice picture of a few handsome boys...

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