maandag 5 oktober 2009

"A Pretty Formidable Canon Of Songs"

Een recensie van Tududuh in LVC op In het Engels, dat moet kunnen..

"Team Incendiary arrive in time to catch the sensitive, Roddy Frame-isms of ex-Glenister frontman Ronald Straetemans, an act going under the name Tududuh. His is a soulful vibe, a bit windswept, with only a guitar and a cassette deck for company. Now, to succeed, these sort of acts need that little bit extra; whether in performance, personality or in material. On this showing, Straetemans has got a pretty formidable canon of songs, and a gentle charm which could be a winning proposition. This area seems to have a run on soul-boy acoustic acts like his; Long Conversations is another one who deserves more attention. A good start to the evening."

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